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Cua Van Floating Vilage

Well known for its breathtaking karst landscape, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Halong Bay also has a rich cultural history dating back many thousands of years.

The floating villages of Halong Bay can be found dotted on islands and waters around the bay, and are home to around 1,500 people, still living a traditional life.

Cua Van is the largest floating village in Halong Bay, with a population of around 750 individuals. The village floats in a large expanse of clear water, some distance from the mainland. Protected by a bay, it remains relatively unspoiled and the bright, colourful houses contrast against the limestone towers and Halong’s emerald sea.

A charming village, Cua Van is an ode to a culture that is still relatively untouched. The 170 households earn an income through trade, aquaculture, tourism and fishing - squid boats with their overhanging nets and lights are a common feature of the village. Earnings from ticket sales are returned to the people of Cua Van.

Tourists visiting the area - by boat or kayaks -will encounter families going about their daily lives in the small space of their houses: cooking, playing, eating, and sleeping.

The villagers are also involved in conservation activities and sail out into the waters of Halong Bay daily to sweep the surface of the ocean for rubbish, keeping it clean.


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