New Highway Cuts Hanoi to Halong Bay Transfers in Half

In a landmark bid to aid faster transfers for tourists and commuters, the newly built Halong – Hai Phong Expressway has just opened, cutting the drive from Hanoi to Halong Bay from four hours to two. Anyone traveling from Hanoi to Halong will now have a speedier and shorter drive, rather than the previous 180km.

This new $556 million road has a bounty of benefits for tourists wishing to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay. A shorter drive means that tourists leaving from Hanoi can enjoy more time spent in Hanoi before departing, or more time relaxing in Halong Bay.

The design of this new highway not only means tourists travel at greater speed, but it will also provide a more comfortable and quieter journey. In addition, a trip along the longest sea bridge in Southeast Asia and a short rest stop will mean added levels of comfort and enjoyment for passengers.

When asked how she felt about the new highway, Lisa, a holidaymaker from Berkshire, England claimed that the experience was a significant improvement to her previous trip to Halong Bay

“I came a few years back and used the old roads,” Lisa Hertz comments. “While we did have a private car with a driver, it was still a long, tiring experience. The new highway has turned it into a pleasant trip though, with a nice little break in-between.”

“We’ll be flying out from Hanoi tomorrow, so we’ll be leaving in the morning. I’m not worried about the journey at all, it should be fine.”

This road doesn’t just help the tourist industry though. John Moka, a resident Hanoi expat, says: “I regularly travel from Hanoi to Ha Long for work. The trip used to take four hours, which is half a working day.”

“When you travel by bus it can be crowded, hot, and impossible to get work done. This would essentially mean half of my day was lost to travel. Now, with the breezy two-hour journey, it feels like nothing more than a commute.”

The newly constructed Van Don Airport compliments this newly built expressway, one of Vietnam’s other recent tourist conveniences that links Halong Bay with the rest of the world.

While this brand-new international airport doesn’t currently have international flights scheduled, that is all set to change in 2019.

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A Taste of John Burton-Race’s Michelin Event Menu



John Burton-Race has revealed his bold new menu, hand-crafted especially for President Cruises’ Michelin event. John’s menu will prove to be the perfect match to world-class sommelier Stephanie Voy’s wine list. Together, Sephanie, Maison Castel’s Wine Ambassador, and multi-Michelin star chef John, have fashioned a menu to the highest standard, sure to make for one unmissable night.

John will be stepping aboard the floating hotel in January to premier this new Michelin standard menu. John, whose decorated career began underneath his mentor Raymond Blanc, has been awarded multiple Michelin stars and was the star of Channel 4’s hit television series French Leave. This world standard chef will be training President Cruises’ highly skilled team to create his menu, joining the ranks of high-end restaurants.

The delectable menu launches with an amuse-bouche, which has been crafted from salmon, marinated in juniper berries, black pepper and citrus zest, alongside a delicate balance of salmon jelly, soy, cucumber, wasabi mayonnaise, fennel flower, and oscietra caviar. Stephanie has selected a Maison Castel to join this unbeatable introduction to the evening.

Following the amuse-bouche is an exquisite starter befitting Halong Bay’s own grandeur. Tuna and scallop carpaccio take the starring role in this magnificent dish, with yuzu sorbet, salted peanuts, and lime dressing orchestrating a unique and unforgettable taste. A Chateau Cavalier from Cuvee Marafrance, Cote de Provence will be bought aboard the ship as a perfect pairing.

A succulent fillet of turbot, resting gently in a chive butter sauce awaits you following your starter. The turbot is dressed with asparagus and wild mushrooms, and served with turned new potatoes. Atop the fish will be a tasting of caviar. Stephanie has paired this dish with Chateau Ferrande Blanc, a Graves wine from 2015. This medium bodied white has a vibrant creaminess in the mid palate and finish.

John’s main course for this Michelin event sets a new standard for cuisine in Halong Bay. A fillet of the finest beef resides with a red wine jus, set to sweetheart cabbage, crispy shallots, capers and crispy sourdough croutons, along with a small pouring of olive butter. A Chateau Montlabert is the finest wine to drink with the main course. The St Emillion Grand Cru wine is a deep, vibrant red, with a dense palate and fruity notes.

The pre-dessert is an intricate yet bold palate cleanser consisting of a coconut crumb, heated until caramelized, and topped with a papaya sorbet and lime syrup. This gentle dish will leave you fulfilled yet dying to see what comes next.

The final dish to arrive on this lavish evening will be a decadent base of chocolate nut ganache, along with a zesty poached pear, with a dusting of icing sugar and, set to the side, the soft touch of a pear sabayon. As if to mark the end of one event and the beginning of the next, a champagne defined by its subtle and delicate bouquet, with the aroma of yellow peaches and dried apricots from Taittinger Nocturne will come alongside the dessert.


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Beefsteak Arrives in Halong Bay

At President Cruises, we revel in providing the finest in high-end cuisine, from complex Vietnamese dishes to indulgent meals from the West. We’ve ensured our latest menu, created by multi Michelin star chef John Burton-Race, has the most succulent beefsteak dish in the bay.

Our brand-new menu shows off a delectable array of the finest Michelin star cuisine, from the first taste of our marinated Salmon amus-bouche, with salmon jelly, soy, cucumber, wasabi mayonnaise, fennel flower and oscietra caviara to the final bight of the chocolate nut ganache and poached pear with pear sabayon.

At the centre of this bold new menu is the revolutionary new fillet of beef, with sweetheart cabbage, crispy shallots, capers, sourdough croutons, olive butter and beef marrow jus. This brand-new beefsteak is an example of the exceptional standard that President Cruises has brought to Vietnam and Halong Bay.

John has brought his unrivaled skills in French cuisine aboard President Cruises for this indulgent meal. John’s connection to beefsteak and French cuisine dates back to his time working under Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, where French cuisine was the focus. John was soon promoted to sous chef and later found himself at the helm of Raymond’s newly-opened Le Petit Blanc in Oxford. His time there earned him his first Michelin star.

In 2002, a short time spent in France rekindled John’s passion for sourcing quality produce, with premium beef in particular. Channel 4 documented this period in John’s culinary adventure for French Leave and made John a household name for more than his Michelin star cooking.

John decided in this period that, if he didn’t like the meat, he would change the cut or the animal. At President Cruises, we like to keep our menu fresh, which means fresh ingredients and a fresh, up-to-date menu.

Like John, we’re not afraid to change our menu, which is why our recipes will evolve with the seasons, but we’ll always make sure we keep a succulent beef steak dish lined up for you whenever you visit – always with that John Burton-Race touch.

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A Michelin Star Journey in Halong Bay

Halong Bay’s foremost elegant cruise proudly invites you to the most glamorous night in the bay. Reimagining luxury in Halong Bay, celebrity chef John Burton-Race, who holds multiple Michelin stars, will be joining President Cruises for one night of black tie pageantry. This magical evening will take place on 5 & 6 January, 2019.

The first celebrity chef ever to grace Halong Bay’s waters, John has a highly decorated career, which began beneath his mentor, Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. The pair’s relationship blossomed, and John later went on to take over Raymond Blanc’s kitchen, earning him his first Michelin star.

John’s career now ranks among the most distinguished in world-class dining, having opened a total of three restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars. John gained further international attention as the star of Channel 4’s hit television show French Leave.

John will step aboard Halong Bay’s boldest vessel to launch his brand new menu, created especially for President Cruises. Alongside him will be world-class sommelier Stephanie Voy, Maison Castel’s Wine Ambassador. John and Stephanie will prove to be the perfect pairing for the evening’s leisurely voyage through Halong Bay.

The handcrafted menu will leave every desire satisfied, ensuring an indulgent range of Michelin-standard food from John and exquisitely prepared Vietnamese food from President Cruise’s own outstanding chefs.

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