A Culinary Guide to President Cruises’ 2019 Menu

Having worked closely with Michelin Star celebrity chef John Burton-Race for an extended period in order to produce this menu, it’s safe to say that we’re proud of the results. We’ve put together a short guide to some of the finest ingredients available on the menu to get you in the mood for our fine dining experience.

Oscietra Caviar

Aboard the President, we like to provide only the finest luxury available, that’s why we spared no expense in importing some of the world’s most desirable caviar. Oscietra is famed as one of the most highly sought-after varieties of caviar, obtained from the oscietra sturgeon, and second in price to only the legendary Beluga caviar. It varies in color, and can range from a deep brown to gold, with gold oscietra producing the richest flavor.

Hạ Long Prawn 

One of the many local ingredients that we’re ever so proud of here in the bay; the prawns that we catch in the area spend very little time out of the water before making their way to your plate. Besides just how fresh this ingredient is, one of the best parts of our prawns are their size: big in stature, meaty but still succulent, and tender – they’re a must-try for anyone visiting Halong Bay.


Think of a truffle, in layman’s terms, like a fungus, or mushroom, that grows underground. Growing them is no easy feat and due to living underground, around the base of a tree, they’re fairly hard to find. This is, in part, what makes them such a delicacy. They’re a prized ingredient within French, Italian, Ottoman, Middle Eastern and Spanish cuisine, with French chef Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin calling them, “the diamond of the kitchen.”

Fillet of beef

Back in December we proudly announced the arrival of our beefsteak into the bay. John Burton-Race arrived shortly after the steak, bringing his incredible standards and high-end cuisine with him. After much demand, we decided to maintain this incredibly high standard of western cuisine for future guests and kept John’s take on the fillet of beef on the menu.


When it comes to western cuisine, wasabi alone has grown in popularity over the years, due to the growth of a global taste for sushi. The green paste has garnered a certain reputation, however, for being mustard disguised as wasabi, in certain parts of western cuisine. There will be none of that aboard the President, of course. We use only the finest wasabi root to produce our wasabi, and then mix it with mayonnaise to create a fine blend of flavor and texture.

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