What to Pack for Halong Bay in Spring

Packing for weather in Spring can be tricky; you’ll have to be frugal whilst also being prepared for different weather conditions. While temperatures can be on the lower end for Vietnam’s standards, you can expect a pleasant average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, still warm enough to enjoy a day out. Temperatures can range from lows of 14 degrees Celsius and highs of 20 degrees Celsius. It’s easy to bring too much, but as long as you keep it simple, packing for a trip to Halong Bay should be a breeze.

A jumper or sweater

Though it’s not always easy to predict what the weather will be like, it’s best to pack a bit of warmth on your trip. Make sure you bring at least one jumper or sweater for the evenings and, likely, daytime.


As contradictory to the previous comment as it sounds, average sea temperatures are an appealing 29 degrees Celsius. You may even want to pack a few different pairs of your chosen swimwear, as you’ll likely want to spend a lot of time in them if Halong Bay isn’t experiencing a cold patch. Halong Bay is also full of exciting and fun water sport activities, an even more encouraging reason to pack something to get wet.


Sandals, flip-flops, thongs, whatever you call them, you’re going to want a pair. It’s recommended that you wear something that’s easy to dry for any trip off the boat and onto the water, particularly in precarious vehicles like a kayak.

Walking shoes

Though Halong Bay may be a water bound destination, it contains a few minor hikes to the top of its limestone karsts, where you’ll get the best views of the bay’s stunning vistas. Though these hikes may be simple; it would be preferable to wear something other than sandals if you’re going to undertake them.

Long trousers

You may think of Vietnam as a typically warm country, but as mentioned, there are a few months that can catch you off-guard. Make sure you pack a good pair of trousers or jeans to stay warm if needed.

A hat

Sunburn is not unheard of in the winter months in Halong Bay, so bringing a hat to shade your face is a good idea. Cold ears, however, are also pretty common, so you may want to pack for both occurrences.

A raincoat

While it may be the driest month of the year, a bit of rain is always a possibility in Vietnam. Pack a light, easily stored raincoat for minor explorations.

A warm coat

The evenings in Halong Bay in January can be on the cold side, and depending on your luck, so can the day times. Make sure you bring a warm coat so you’re not caught off-guard.


While it may be on the chilly side, there’s still the inevitable bit of sun to deal with. You’ll want to pack a good pair of sunglasses for trips out into the bay.

Warm pyjamas

Temperatures in northern Vietnam can drop during the evening, so make sure you pack a warm pair of long pyjamas to avoid that nighttime chill.

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