The National Tourism Year 2018 – What Went Down?

Vietnam’s National Tourism Year 2018 opened in April with a ceremony themed, ‘Ha Long – Heritage, Wonder – Friendly Destination’ along with Carnival Ha Long. Quang Ninh, the eastern Vietnamese province and home to world-famous Halong Bay, played host to the National Tourism Year 2018, in a bid to raise the province’s profile on the world stage.

Hoping to add to the tourism boom within the area, the provincial People’s Committee hosted close to 100 events throughout the year, ranging from a conference on road development for tourism between Vietnam and China, to a paragliding competition.

Other events included an RFC international off-road motor race, a food festival, the grand opening of a photo exhibition and award presentation and, most recently, the Ha Long – FLC 2019 open golf tournament.

The series of events in the region have been deemed a success. In February, for example, Dong Trieu held the Ngao Van spring festival, drawing in about 25,000 visitors within the first three days. Alongside this, there were various other successful festivals across the province, such as Uong Bi’s Ba Vang pagoda and Yen Tu festivals, Van Ninh festival in Mong Cai city, Luc Na festival in Binh Lieu district and Ha Long city’s Loi Am temple festival, all of which attracted a wide array of visitors.

As a part of the initiative, local authorities have taken special care to restore local relics, such as the Yen Tu relic site in Uong Bi, with an upgrade of the road to the site and the construction of a new cable car system, aimed at preventing traffic congestion.

Work is underway to complete the first phase of the Yen Tu festival tourism services center, which includes a Zen garden, pilgrimage village, King monk Tran Nhan Tong museum and Truc Lam palace.

As the event has been a bid to increase tourism numbers, Uong Bi city paid special attention to safety, with the city working to prevent fire and explosions, ensuring social order and traffic safety were both heavily monitored.  

So far, not enough research has been undertaken into the success of the event, but judging by numbers, it all went according to plan.

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