With President Cruises, the Ship is the Destination


While voyaging through the limestone karsts of this ancient seascape, it’s important to take some time to relax and allow yourself to drift through the waters. At President Cruises, we believe the best way to enjoy this magnificent World Heritage Site is on the ship, and that’s why we supply the largest amount of on-board entertainment of any vessel in the bay. Here’s five reasons why we believe cruising is the best part of the journey.

  • Marvel at the ever-changing scenery

On a President Cruises journey, each cabin comes with the perfect place to enjoy the tranquil scenery as it passes by: Your own private balcony or terrace. It is hard to imagine the vastness of Halong Bay, but as this ship powers through the waters, you’ll be able to see the dramatic cliffs and micro-rainforests sitting on these small islands. You may even spot some wildlife. The magic is in the changes: Each second you cruise the view is different from the last.

  • Avoid the crowds

It is easy to see why Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s top attractions. It’s a stunning destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws people from all over the world. This can, however, mean that all of those hidden gems that Halong Bay possesses aren’t so hidden anymore. Fortunately, when you step aboard President Cruises, the world of tourism is far removed. As the largest cruise ship to ever venture through Halong Bay’s waters, you’ll be able to marvel at this otherworldly destination while sitting high above the crowds.

  • Time to relax

When it comes to a holiday of pampered luxury, there is no better destination than Halong Bay, and there’s no better way to experience it than with President Cruises. Be it lounging on one of our two expansive sundecks, cocktail in hand, or experiencing one of our lavish spa treatments, well-deserved pampering is never too far away. We’ve harnessed the relaxation power of Kaia spa aboard every trip. This esteemed Vietnamese wellness group offers a world-class range of treatments in the ship’s six-room spa.

  • Make the most of the ship

When you climb aboard President Cruises, the number of places to relax don’t stop at your own private balcony or terrace. While this may be the most secluded way of enjoying the sweeping vistas as they pass by the ship, there are plenty of opportunities to find hidden corners. Why not take a leisurely dip in an on-board Jacuzzi while gliding through the bay? Alternatively, take some time to recline on one of our expansive sundecks and watch the sunset, cocktail in hand.

  • The finest in Vietnam dining

We understand that food is an important part of travel. That’s why we’ve worked with Michelin star chef John Burton-Race to curate the only Michelin star menu in the bay. You can enjoy a succulent beefsteak in our glamorous restaurant or chic piano bar, or try the finest in traditional Vietnamese cuisine instead. Cuisine in Vietnam doesn’t get much better than this.

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