President Cruises’ Signature Roast Duck

We decided that for the most indulgent on-board dining experience, we would split our menu between lavish western cuisine and innovative Vietnamese dishes. For our delectable menus we drafted Michelin Star Chef John Burton-Race to handcraft the finest in Michelin standard delicacies, including the most succulent beefsteak in the bay.

For our innovative Vietnamese dishes, John worked with our world-class chefs to shape recipes that have been passed down generations into fantastic modern creations. This has made for a delicious and unique result: authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist.

To highlight just how special this menu is, we want to give you a peek at one of our finest dishes: roast duck breast with corn syrup, confit tart, coriander, and ginger. For this dish, we’ve blended together an East Asian staple – roast duck – with traditional Vietnamese herbs and spices.

You won’t go far in Vietnam without coming across coriander and ginger. Coriander has been used within our cuisine since the beginning. You’ll find it used generously in street food like pho, as well as packed into banh mis throughout the country. Whilst ginger is a popular addition to many meals, it is also considered a cure-all for any ailment, creating a hearty and healthy addition to any meal.

As the centre of our Vietnamese menu, we thought duck would be the most fitting choice for this sumptuous dining experience. Duck has a prominent history throughout Vietnam and East Asia. Dating back all the way to the Ming Dynasty, around 600 years ago, Peking Duck slowly made its way out of Beijing to the rest of East Asia, eventually landing in Saigon before spreading to the rest of the country.

While the dish has royal roots as a delicacy enjoyed amongst emperors and other members of the ruling classes in Beijing, these days, roast duck is a popular takeout item and is prominent on any menu during a special occasion, like weddings, holidays, family gatherings, and death anniversaries.

We feel that, due to its reputation as a food for celebration, roast duck would be the perfect fit as the figurehead of our grand Vietnamese menu. There is no better cause for a celebration than being on a President Cruise.

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