Magnificent A La Carte Menus for 2019

While Vietnam has a strong cultural heritage, you can’t deny that there has been influence over the years. Nowhere is this more prominent than in our cuisine. Though all of our food is distinctly Vietnamese, influences like French baguettes and Chinese roast duck are undeniable.

We drafted Michelin Star chef John Burton-Race, the first celebrity chef in the bay, to curate the first Michelin Star standard menu. This sumptuous menu will roll out throughout 2019, depending on which ingredients are fresh, in order to provide the most indulgent cuisine available in Halong Bay.

President Cruises is one of the only cruise ships with an a la carte dinner menu, meaning that you can craft the culinary essence of your Halong Bay experience.

To start things off, we’ll be serving a range of bite-sized delicacies aboard the President, determined by what’s available and fresh in the bay. Expect the finest locally caught ingredients for our amuse-bouche course, such as king prawn and spiced pumpkin soup or a delicious concoction of dressed crab, taramaslalata, squid ink cracker, and watermelon.

All of our starters have been handcrafted to deliver a delicate taste of the finest authentic Vietnamese cuisine, along with poignant western influences. Depending on the season, expect dishes such as carpaccio of venison, brandade of cod, or rock lobster tail with garlic and chilli.

Along with sweeping vistas of stunning limestone karsts, Halong Bay is famous for its fresh fish, a defining point of the bay’s cultural heritage. Aboard President Cruises, we want to do justice to Halong’s fishing reputation. That’s why you’ll find our fish courses to be the freshest available.

We have a range of fish options throughout the year. Highlights include grilled red snapper with sweet red pepper puree and seared kingfish with sweet ginger, garlic, chives and shallot dressing. Other delectable gifts from the sea include filet of seabream and soft-shell crab.

A point of pride aboard the President is our Michelin standard beefsteak, which created a splash in the bay as the finest beefsteak available, with a recipe handcrafted by celebrity chef John Burton Race.

Our own chefs maintain this fantastic standard of cooking throughout the meat section of our 2019 menu. Meat lovers can also tuck into squab pigeon with huckleberry gastric, roast duck breast with corn syrup, roast rack of lamb with white onion cream, or loin of Dutch veal.

To cleanse your palate following our various meat courses, we’ve put together the finest in gentle pre-desserts, to tease you before the real thing. Our selection includes carrot ice cream, peanut butter parfait, cherry and Madagascan vanilla compote and lemon posset with elderflower jelly.

The final course on this luscious menu is our indulgent desserts. Fruit and nut lovers can finish off the meal with carpaccio of spiced pineapple, coconut sabayon, or pistachio cake. For those with richer tastes, there’s chocolate and almond parfait with coffee foam and nougat.

Whatever you choose to eat when you cruise with us, you can be sure that dinner is always something to look forward to aboard President Cruises.

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