How is the Weather in Halong Bay in April?

April comes sandwiched between the moderate temperatures of March, which are just escaping the winter chill, and the start of the summer heat in May. Along with an average of eight hours of sunlight a day, which is the highest amount in Halong Bay through the year. All of this makes a decidedly good time to visit Halong Bay, with great opportunities to enjoy the beach, discover the islands, or take in the outdoor activities.


April has a few extra degrees on March, with average temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius. This is an ideal temperature for many, and a good time to enjoy the bay before May, where temperatures climb up to an average of 28 degrees. While highs in April have the ability to reach 28 degrees, the lows only make their way down to 21, making the normal temperature very comfortable and enjoyable.


As the temperatures begin to rise, so does the rainfall, with 57mm over an average of 13 days. That number is still fairly dry compared to the summer, where highs can reach 265mm over an average of 16 days. Like March, however, April can experience those long drizzles, where a small amount of rain stretches for long periods, unlike the sudden but brief showers in the summer months.

Sea temperature

If the idea of long periods of rain deters from sunbathing on Halong Bay’s white sandy beaches, you may find the temperature of the sea in the bay a little more alluring. In April, average sea temperatures reach 29 degrees Celsius, which is the highest in the year, along with December, January, February and March. This makes for a very comfortable and relaxing swimming experience.

Overall, the weather in April makes for one of the most comfortable times of year to come to the bay and while this can mean a higher number of tourists, you will have to consider the pros and cons. Fortunately, if you book a cruise with President Cruises, you’ll be far removed from the hustle and bustle of the tourist industry, with our expansive sundecks and on board activities.

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