Halong Bay in Spring

There is not a bad time to visit Halong Bay as each season has its own charm, from the atmospheric fog of winter to the bright blue skies of summer. But like much of northern Vietnam, weather in Halong Bay is unpredictable. Here we give you the best guide possible for spring but note that seasonal shifts and freak weather might blow the information a little off-course.

Spring is a tricky season in Halong Bay. It starts off chilly and wet, but it heats up quickly as the days roll on and we head toward summer. Winter is over by the end of February and Halong Bay hits summer in May, so spring usually falls in between: March and April. Below are answers to the three questions we get asked the most, with some advice on what to pack.

Is Halong Bay Cold?

Generally speaking, spring is not cold in Halong Bay. Although the winter chill can sometimes linger from February, temperatures have usually risen to a comfortable 17-22 degrees Celsius. However, note that the sea winds and high humidity levels can make Halong Bay feel colder than it is. 20 degrees may be t-shirt weather at home, but in Halong Bay you’ll need a light jacket. By April, Halong Bay has heated up to a warm 20-25 degrees. This means that this is generally a good time of year for activities, like visiting atmospheric caves and climbing to the tops of mountains. And remember that on President Cruises, we have an outdoor Jacuzzi to warm you up on those cooler evenings.

Is Halong Bay Humid? 

Yes, Halong Bay is humid in March and April. Humidity always makes you more susceptible to the temperature: 15 degrees can feel like 5 degrees and 30 degrees can feel like 40 degrees. Spring is a humid season, which means that you need to check the temperature and pack accordingly. Make sure you have warmer clothes available for early spring and cool, breathable clothing for late spring. All the President Cruises cabins have temperature control, so if you need to cool down, warm up, or escape the humidity at any point during the cruise, simply retire to your cabin and enjoy the views with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Is Halong Bay wet?

This is a tricky one to answer as precipitation levels in March and April are generally low: just 50mm of rainfall for each month. To put this into perspective, August, which is Halong Bay’s wettest month, has over 250mm of rainfall – five times as much! But that doesn’t mean that spring is dry. Halong Bay is wet with light drizzle for half of March and over a third of April, so you need to make sure that you bring light waterproof clothing. Although the capacious sundecks aboard President Cruises might not be desirable places to unwind when it’s wet, all the private balconies are sheltered, making them the perfect places to sit back and enjoy the scenery in spite of the drizzle.

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